Trying out new distro

If you are reading this blog, may i assume that you're interested in Linux?

Let's say you already decided you want to try Linux. Perhaps you are wondering  which Linux would be the best for you, or maybe you already choose one... or maybe you don't like limitations and you would like to check as many distros as possible?
Maybe you're wondering how looks Ubuntu? or Debian? or CenOS? or Fedora? there is even much much more possibilities...  

I have some advices for you - something which allow you to try many distros and you will not have to format your drive every time you want to check new Linux.

Firstly - get LiveCD

Many distros is available in LiveCD (or LiveDVD) version. There is nothing complicated to do: just download the ISO image from the site, burn the CD (or DVD) put it into your CD/DVD  and restart your computer.
If everything goes right - you're in game. Now you can start exploring your new system, play with it, personalize it and so on. But there is one problem - you gonna lose all changes that you made during your Linux session... That might be a problem....

Secondly - make it virtual

There is a tool called VirtualBox. It's available on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
It allows you create virtual machine, and then install on it some system. What is that for?

Let's imagine...
You have one computer... probably some newer one with some bigger amount of memory and rather good CPU. Imagine you start the system you work on every day. You feel comfortable, because you know how it works. 
Now imagine that working on your system, in the same way you run, web browser or some other application, you run other system. Yes, it might be Linux. And it works in your host system, just like any other application.
You can explore it, if you have problem, you can use your favourite browser to find the solution on the Internet. If you close this new system, the next time you start it your changes will be there.
Sounds good, doesn't it?

So what you have to do?
Get VirtualBox and install on it your downloaded Linux image. 
When you are ready with VirtualBox, try to configure it and install your first Linux distro :)
If you need help with that - you can refer to this video, which shows how to configure VirtualBox and install CentOS from LiveCD ISO:

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